Biomass Gasification

Ibush Luzha, Skender Bublaku


The biomass gasification is the converting process of solid fuel to gaseous fuel. The main products of gasification are: CO, H2, CO2 and CnHm etc. The temperature of gasification process is realized in 500-1000 ºC, and the oxygen concentration should always be less than the required amount for the burning. Appropriate technology to use landfill gases is CHP plant, which characterized by high efficiency, low emissions, high flexibility and stability, as well as through the fluid gasification. That accomplished through theoretical modelling of the quantity of gas, experimental measurements of landfill, opening of gas landfills, construction of network gas collection and installation of CHP plant. Fluid layer gasification also enables more efficient work with different fuel humidity, different quality and different size. The first step is to build the plant and then the same can be transferred to other landfills. Kosovo landfills represent a huge potential and opportunity to produce electricity from landfill gas. If that gas will not be used it will disperse on the atmosphere. The usage biogas and biogas technologies will enable the preservation of natural resources, protection of biodiversity, develop economy and will impact on environmental protection.

Keywords: Gasification, biomass, gasification products, Kosovo landfills.

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