Can the Ancient Understanding of Music Assist in the Contemporary Socio-Cultural Life?

Sunaj Raimi


The main objective of this scientific study is a sociological analysis of the question: Can ancient understanding of music assist in contemporary socio-cultural life? This analysis refers to the present, when the cultural developments in general, move in a bizarre, decadent direction, where it is difficult to determine what represents the true value, and what is anti-value. Therefore, key segments of this paper will be some specific socio-cultural phenomena of concern, such as chaos in the cultural creativity, the compromising of the cultural criteria of valuation, the dilemma what is useful and what is harmful in contemporary cultural life, cultural mechanisms of defense against the onslaught of kitsch and schund, the pragmatic treatment of music in ancient Greece, and so on. In other words, the function of this scientific paper comprises in the following, which by explaining the philosophical understanding of music among the ancient Greeks, it strives to extract a vital lesson on improving the socio-cultural life in the present.


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