The Use of Oxygen in Amounts of 6 and 8 Mg/L in the Main Fermentation of Beer

Arsim Elshani, Kastriot Pehlivani, Nexhdet Shala


As far as beer is concerned, oxygen represents both a friend and foe. As it is much needed especially during the fermentation process, so it should be also completely eliminated its contact with the beer during transfer from one tank to another of the finished beer and during packaging in bottles, cans or barrels. It is very important to understand when it oxygen is needed, and vice versa. And where aeration or oxygenation process is necessary as for example during fermentation it should be a wine aeration or oxygenation within the allowed certain criteria. The stability of the taste of beer remains a key point throughout all beer producing factories. Hundreds ingredients, form a complex matrix of beer and of course chemical reactions lead to changes in the composition of the beer as well as the characteristics associated with taste and smell. Among the many ways of decomposition, in particular the quality of the beer is harmful, the volatility of iso-alpha-acids that are key derivatives that serve as distressful agents in the beer.

Keywords: oxygen, beer, extracts, fermentation, longevity.

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