Material Culture of the Village Guri Bardhë (White stone) in the District of Mat

Mikalis Cubi


This paper aims to look and design the topology of the material culture of this village, as unique evidence of the Mat region and beyond this point. Among its targets depending on our possibilities, problems affecting, the use of relevant literature will be thrown a look on these aspects. Location of White Stone This village is one of the few in this province that is known since Antiquity, but it got a flourishing development in the middle Ages. It has about 300 houses and about 1200 inhabitants. It has five neighborhoods located in dominating countries. It’s about 30 km away from Burrel, it is bordered with the white plan, with Martanesh, with the village of St. George of Tirana, with Zibrin, with Kate and with the village called Fshat. Bridges There are five bridges of the Venetian style. Maiden Bridge, bridge of Skura, Kulmara Bridge, and the small bridge at the end of the village. In this village was passing the road of Arberi which connected Durres with Dibra. Also in this village is found the castle of Petralba, while in the meantime it has been an honor and one of a gunpowder production centers. Ethnographic values of this village This village is regarded by scholars and researchers as an important center of these values across the region and beyond. Whereas Prof.Dr.Aferdita Onuzi calls it an "ethnographic island" with an original shaft in habits and customs, in dress and flats, which are typical for its citizens and which are not found in any other region in Albania. According to the Albanian researcher for apartments Mr.Emin Riza, this village dwellings are typically separated and with typical civic trendencies. They are 2 floors and surrounded by taverns with the well in the yard, with bakery and generally with 2 bathrooms within, what shows a civilization. In this village is located only one 3 storey tower called "Tower of Dezhgive". All apartments are decorated with carved stones in the corners and at their gates and with different symbols where the Macedonian Masters from Dibra, as well as domestic one put athese carved stones and symbols almost at every apartment. Symbols were different, such as "flying serpent", a pine tree, the Jewish star, where we find these symbols in other villages, too. Meanwhile there are also cases in which the doors of the houses are inscribed with the names of the owners of the house or the year of its construction. Usually these decorations begin by the end of the dwelling and up to the top climbing up to the roof and trees are also decorated. This village leaves a large space to be studied even for other researchers.

Keywords: White stone village, bridges, tower buildings, etc.

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