Is Concept of ‘Style’ Used or Abused in Psychology?

Emilija Stoimenova Canevska, Maja Simonovska, Frosina Ristovska


The concept of style is very common in Psychology. Tracking that stylistic approach, we were interested, is this approach just on the level of use, or probably, it is overused, or even its abused. In order to obtain basic information that can lead us further, we conduct analysis of the Encyclopedia Dictionary (content, text and discourse analysis), following strict methodological procedure. We figured out that there is a stylistic intention, and that although the style is not explained as a key concept in the dictionary, it was used for explanation of different concepts, both alone or as a part of complex concept. Although, its most prominent usage was as cognitive style, as a word "style" it was mentioned 691 times, or one word "style” on every sixth page. We suppose that stylistic approach in psychology is offering possibility for generalization (scientific aspect) as well appreciation of individuality. Probably the "Style "concept is overused, and still it is not abused. We can support the thesis that style is still in style.

Keywords: style, content, text, discourse analysis, cognitive style, scientific generalization, individuality.

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