Physico-Chemical Properties of Water at Different Depths of Radoniqi Lake of Kosovo

Luan Daija, Xhelal Këpuska, Seit Shallari, Leonard Shehu


The aims of this study is to identify the most appropriate depths for getting water in the Lake of Radoniqi, Kosovo. We have analyzed physical and chemical indicators such as iron (Fe), aluminium (Al), manganese (Mg), ammonia, nitrites, nitrates etc. Also we have measured phosphorus ions at five levels of Radoniqi Lake. We have measured permaganat of potassium consumption, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and the bed smell aroma. Samples of water were analyzed in the physico-chemical laboratory of Filtration and Treatment Station for drinking water of Radoniqi, in Gjakova. Methods are using such as pH meters, conductivity turbidometrija, atomic absorption, classical spektrofotometrik methods, chemical analysis etc. The results obtained show that the water of the lake "Radoniqi" have a good quality in the level four and five. The removal of water bed aroma is accomplished through treatment with activated carbon in Gjakova Water Treatment and Filtration Station.

Keywords: lake, water, parameters, methods, results, filter station.

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