Preparation and Biological Evaluation of 99mtc-Sarafloxacin and 99mtc- Danofloxacin Complexes as a Model for Infection Imaging

M. A. Motaleb, M. T. El-Kollaly, A. B. Ibrahim, A. Abd El-Bary


Infection and inflammation remain a major cause of mortality and morbidity globally. This promotes research into better and more accurate diagnostic and therapeutic methods. This investigation focused on the labeling of sarafloxacin and danofloxacin for infection imaging. The radiolabeled antibiotic 99mTc-sarafloxacin and 99mTc-danofloxacin
were assessed as an infection imaging agent in a mouse model. 99mTc-sarafloxacin and 99mTc-danofloxacin were obtained at pH 11 with a radiochemical yield of 96, 90%, respectively by adding 99mTc to 1 mg sarafloxacin or danofloxacin in the presence of 50 μg SnCl2.2H2O. Biodistribution studies in mice were carried out in experimentally induced infection in the left thigh using Staphylococcus aureus. Both thighs of the mice were dissected and counted and the ratio of bacterial infected thigh/contralateral thigh was then evaluated. 99mTc-sarafloxacin and 99mTc-danofloxacin showed high uptake (T/NT=3.8±0.1 and 4.9±0.1, respectively) in the infectious lesion and abscess to normal muscle ratio indicating that 99mTcsarafloxacin and 99mTc-danofloxacin could be used for infection imaging.

Key words: sarafloxacin/ danofloxacin/ Technetium-99m/ Infection/ inflammation/ Diagnosis

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