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Viciana, Ana Fernández, Padre Ossó Faculty, University of Oviedo (Spain) Facultad Padre Ossó. Prao Picón s/n, 33008 Oviedo (Spain)
Vinca, Edona, State University of Tetova, Macedonia (Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of)
Vlachakis, Dimitrios, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Greece (Greece)
Vodica, Ani (Albania)
Vodica, Ani, Department of Animal Health, Food Safety and Veterinary Institute (Albania)
Vogli, Anila, Lecturer at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts, Tirana (Albania)
Vorpsi, Laura (Albania)
Vorpsi, Valdete (Albania)
Vranovci, Heset (Albania)
Vrioni, Jakup (Albania)
Vuçitërna, Albana
Vuçitërna, Armend
Vuçitërna, Osman
Vukaj, Emirjona (Albania)


Wahab, E.A. Abdel (Egypt)


Xhabiri, Gafur
Xhabiri, Gafurr
Xhabiri, Gafurr (Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of)
Xhafa, Artan, Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tirana (Albania)
Xhafa, Dorentina, University of Tirana (Albania)
Xhaferaj, Era (Albania)
Xhaferi, Brikena
Xhaferraj, Blera (Albania)
Xhaferri, Brikena
Xhaferri, Gëzim

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