Ascaris suum Infection Estimate


  • Yllka Mija Çani PhD Candidate, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Agricultural University, Tirana, Albania
  • Bejo Bizhga


Ascaris suum infection resulted from the more common parasite in pigs, in Albania. Examinations as qualitative or quantitative for the prevalence and parasitic load values of Ascaris suum infection can be performed in the stools, liver, lungs, intestine and nasal sputumin all pig categories. Coproscopic examination was the best metod, more efficient and lower cost to carry out epidemiological studies on the prevalence and parasite load of Ascaris suum infection in all pig. Coproscopic examination showed that Ascaris suum infection affected all economies and all the pig categories in Albania, but seriously piglets 0-7 months where prevalence resulted very high(around 85%) and average parasitic loads between 142-184 e/g/f. Coproscopic examinations are efficient and offer the possibility of epidemiological estimates, while post-mortem examinations in slaughterhouses are efficient, low cost and provide sufficient data for Ascaris suum infection. Post-mortem examinations to the slaughterhouse were alternative methods of study, which remains at preliminary evaluation and comparison. In piglets, we examined nasal secretions for the presence and number of larvae. This method was applied as an alternative examinations method for coproscopic examination at the alive piglets. Especially in piglets, we can observe clinical signs of pneumonia and when parasitic pneumonia detected, the nose leaks were examined for the presence and number of larvae. Efficient alternative diagnostic techniques as methods of Ascaris suum infection diagnosis will be converted into routine techniques to perform quantitative and qualitative diagnosis and other parasitic Ascaris suum infection estimates.

Keywords: Ascaris suum infection, pigs, method, diagnose, alternative.




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Çani, Y. M., & Bizhga, B. (2016). Ascaris suum Infection Estimate. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 5(9), 8–13. Retrieved from



Volume 5, No.9, September, 2016

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