Platforms of Albanian Assemblies from 1908-1912


  • Fitim Rifati


Albanian assemblies in the fourth phase of Albanian Renaissance took a massive character and became important organizations and institutions for certain national issues. In these assemblies were addressed major national problems starting with the Albanian issue in the framework of the Ottoman Empire, grievances over injustices of Xhonturk regime and a generally Ottoman regime, a way of realizing autonomous platform of national independence, resolution enmities, blood feuds and the solemn oath, etc. Among the major assemblies, which were held in this time period were: Assembly of Ferizaj (July 1908), Assembly of Dibra (July 1909), Luke Assembly of alder (April 1910), Grece Assembly (June 1911), Assembly of Junik (May 1912), Assembly of Vlora (November 1912) etc. This paper aims out to disclose more fully these and other assemblies, the causes that led to the organization of their platforms that emerged from them and the results that brought to the national issue.

Keywords: Albanian Assemblies, Ottoman Regime, national issue, 1908-1912, etc.




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