Statistical Analysis of Biochemichal Liver Profil of Ursus arctor in Albania


  • Arben Boçari
  • Dritan Laçi
  • Bejo Bizhga
  • Kastriot Korro
  • Bledar Bejleri


In this study, we have made the biochemical examination of liver, with biochemical analyzer Cobas for 18 bars (n = 18) of the race Ursus arctor. For all the results we have executed the statistical evaluation by using the computer program SSPS17 version. From the basic features, we have evaluated the main characteristic: the mean, standard error of the mean, standard deviation, variance, mode, skewness and kurtosis different percentiles. Also, we have used box plot for graphical presentation of different percentiles and histogram of the distribution of the data and plot of the Normal distribution of these data. The statistic biochemical indicators of liver show a general value about meridians values for GPT, GOT, GGT, and TP. The deviations from meridian values were noted only for CK. The variations in indicators of CRP condition the physiological, age and breeding conditions. The variations in glucose values highlighted the diversity of conditions in captivity breeding bears.

Keywords: mean, normal distribution, kurtosis, skewness, percentage.




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Boçari, A., Laçi, D., Bizhga, B., Korro, K., & Bejleri, B. (2016). Statistical Analysis of Biochemichal Liver Profil of Ursus arctor in Albania. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 2(4), 313–319. Retrieved from



Volume 2, No.4, August, 2013

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