Kadare's Newly-Formed Words with the Suffix -shëm


  • Luljeta Adili Çeliku
  • Jehona Rushidi Rexhepi
  • Jeta Rushidi


If a scholar studies the language that a particular writer uses, that implies that the scholar also endorses that writer's work. The language itself is alive and just like anything that is alive; it can be subject to injuries and damages. Ismail Kadare is a visionary author who senses the danger that a language may encounter. That is the reason why he goes on a mission to protect and enrich the Albanian language with newly-formed words. Using almost each and every one of the suffixes and prefixes available in Albanian while applying the internal word-forming rules that the Albanian language dictates, Ismail Kadare has created a vast number of new words that carry an immense lexical and stylistic value, without being morphologically incorrect. In this paper we study Ismail Kadare's newly-formed words using the suffix – shëm, thus offering our contribution to the studying of Ismail Kadare's newly-formed vocabulary.

Keywords: Kadare, new words, word formation, suffix –shëm




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Çeliku, L. A., Rexhepi, J. R., & Rushidi, J. (2016). Kadare’s Newly-Formed Words with the Suffix -shëm. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 2(3), 19–25. Retrieved from https://anglisticum.org.mk/index.php/IJLLIS/article/view/1316



Volume 2, No.3, June, 2013