Understanding and Responding to Language Errors


  • Shpresa Delija
  • Rajmonda Këçira
  • Nancy Ackles
  • Arburim Iseni


As non-native speakers of English, we face a lot of difficulties in the use of grammar. So it is the English teachers' task to teach their students how to use the right language in different language settings. This paper makes the difference between the errors and the mistakes made by the Albanian students because of their mother tongue influence. After the exposure of reasons of the mistakes and errors made by the non-native speakers, we give some ways of correction but mostly we focus on the word order of the English language which is very different from the Albanian one. Great emphasis is put on the psychological way of error correction. It would be considered as helpful nd supportive in order to enhance English learning in our schools.

Keywords: error, mistake, correction, self-correction, interfere, language setting.




How to Cite

Delija, S., Këçira, R., Ackles, N., & Iseni, A. (2016). Understanding and Responding to Language Errors. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 2(3), 222–229. Retrieved from https://anglisticum.org.mk/index.php/IJLLIS/article/view/1341



Volume 2, No.3, June, 2013

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