Modality, an Essential Feature of Albanian Folklore

Kushtrim Jakupi


Albanian folk music is based on the mode of all forms, but the greatest dominance in some regions defines the conclusion that Albanian musical folklore is based on three modal forms: Diatonic, Chromatic and Pentatonic. In general, we can conclude that in the northern part of the Albania dominates the monodic singing, and it is based on two modal, diatonic and chromatic groups. On the other hand, the south of the Albanian territories appears completely opposite to modal structure and it is now known that it is based on pentatonic, even here starting from the reduced pentatonic stretches to the phenomenon known as bi-pentatonic, the appearance of altered sounds - small ones, etc. In this fascinating part of Albanian musical folklore there are many types of singing and each of them has something special in their modal structure.

Keywords: Albanian folklore, modality, musical scales, polyphony, monody, diatonic, chromatic, pentatonic, etc.


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