Violence against Women A Phenomenon or a Result of Mentality


  • Flora Sela Kastrati Faculty of Philosophy. State University of Tetova


The aim of this paper is to point out that Women's rights are human rights. They cover every aspect of life – health, education, political participation, economic well-being and freedom from violence, among many others. Women are entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of all of their human rights and to be free from all forms of discrimination and violence – this is fundamental to achieve human rights, peace and security, and sustainable development. Gender inequality within families, inequitable division of labor within households, and cultural attitudes about gender roles further subjugate women and serve to limit their representation in public life. Societies that are highly patriarchal often have local power structures that make it difficult for women to combat. Thus, their interests are often not represented. There is no denying the fact that yet millions of women and girls suffer disproportionately from violence both in peace and in war, at the hands of the state, in the home and community. Across the globe, women are beaten, raped, mutilated, and killed with impunity. Every day, all over the world, women face gender-specific persecution including and domestic violence. At least one out of every three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. It is of course nothing new to say that violence against women is painful reality which is continually happening. It is closer to every one of us than we may think. Having been considered too long a private issue, violence is often ignored and rarely punished. Too often no one is held accountable for these crimes. The intention of the lies precisely in proving that discrimination and violence based on gender are huge obstacles in achievement our goals (a dignified life for women) because only in this way we can build a better society, for men and women even though there are some signs of progress.

Keywords: human rights, inequality, violence, patriarchal mentality, inferiority, discrimination, gender equality.




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Volume 5, No 5, May, 2016