Gun powder tools in the village Guri i Bardhë in the province of Mat


  • Mikalis Cubi Academy of Albanological Studies, Tetovo


Mat is known as gunpowder manufacturer and firearms in Albania and other countries in Europe. In Europe the powder is brought from the Arabs. The form of the gunpowder composition was discovered by the English scholar Roger Bacon in 1214. Gunpowder and firearms were used in Albania towers in XIV. Guri i Bardhë village along with other villages around were the producers and the processors of the black powder. From foreigners it is called Albanian brand powder. The gunpowder tools in these villages were 19 altogether. They continued to produce powder until 1939. Mat's powder was traded in Diber, Prizeren, Gjakova, Shkodra, Durres, Tirana and even up to Janine. 

Keywords: gunpowder, tools, Roger Bacon,  Potassium nitrate KNO3, etc.


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