The Forbidden Drama and the Albanian World

Elis Mataj


In this study about the forbidden drama in Albania, we tried to analyze and generalize a particular aspect of the development of Albanian dramaturgy in the second half of the twentieth century, which still stands as an open debate to better determine the factors which imparted to it the mechanism of censure and anti-censorship and especially the totalitarian ideological pressure during the period of 50 years of socialist realism. The subject of this study has been a series of concepts and phenomena related to "aesthetic solidarity", which also means controlling of dramaturgy, staff and the director.
In this respect, this study is also concentrated in dramatically dramatized production, the criticized drama, the punished and the forbidden drama. This study was focusing on many bibliographic, historical, thematic, motivational analyzes and also on the literary and critical views that appeared in the press of time and in special publications, the argument of the role of certain mechanisms in the theater and literary institutions in general, stopping and staging of the dramas that did not match the "criteria" that required the totalitarian system, etc. Overall, the paper also reflects largely the imposition and ideological practices of the method of socialist realism, primarily the engagement of institutions of ideology and culture, which pave the way for schematicism and sample taking  in the development of dramaturgy. A special place in the study is also the role of official criticism, which was in support of ideological demands manifested through thematism, attitude towards conflict, characters, messages or certain environments.

Keywords:  Drama; self-censorship; Socialist Realism; forbidden; National. 

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