About Conducting Research on the Subject of Ornithological Terms in Uzbek Language


  • Yuldasheva Dilnoza Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute


In  this  article  there  are  given  some  data  about  a  brief  observation  of  studying lexical system of the Uzbek language, the names of scientists, whose efforts have helped arouse opportunities of the language.This article thoroughly  highlights  several  studies  done  in  the  field  of  lexical  system,  especially  semantic  features  of  terms  relating  to  food, clothes and architecture. The author of this article states that ornithological terms which are considered as a part of zoonims, can be the  subject  of  special  investigation  for  linguists.  And  also  author  studied  the  some  birds‘  names  are  not  included  in  literary language or their literary norms are not assigned clearly for not having been studied thoroughly.   

Keywords:  have  the  knowledge  of  the Uzbek  Language,  Uzbek  linguists,  the lexical  system  of  the  Uzbek  language, semantic  field,  etymology,  zoonims, ornithonims.




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Volume 7, No.7, July, 2018