• Elza Nuredini State University of Tetova, Macedonia


Most people have zero clues where Albania is. When Albania is mentioned people especially foreingers assume that you are talking about Armenia or Romania. There is a lot of people that have no idea where Albania is on the map. Also, many of those who have heard of Albania did not always know where it was geographically. Often times people remark us as ‘’Middle Easters’’ just because we are Muslims and have common traditions. I think that because of the misfortunate historical events that happened that was the main reason why our origin was unknown by so many people.

I feel that we should be much more respected because wherever we go, we flourish and our communities grow bigger. We have survived not only prejudice from the world but also horrible political situations. We are very hard workers very sweet, friendly, polite and we are also capable of everything that we set our minds into. I think that wherever you would encounter an Albanian, you would be welcomed with open arms and incredible hospitality. That’s definitely what a lot of people would say about Albanians, that we are very hospitable. There are huge personalities that we could take as an example whenever we would talk about Albania. Firstly we have Mother Teresa who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work helping the poor, Mehmet Ali Pasha who was widely recognized as the founder of Modern Egypt,Ismail Kadare, Majlinda Kelmendi a double world champion in judo we, Dua Lipa Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora, James Belushi, Ferit Murati many other writers composers, and lots and lots of professional athletes that are Albanian ambassadors around the world.

Besides for extraordinary people Albania has many natural wonders such as Karavasta Lagoon, Ohrid’s lake , Koman’s lake, Sharri Mountain, White Drin, Valbona Mountain, Kodra e Diellit, Brezovica, Canion Matka etc. Albania has also many beautiful cities like Vlore, Berat,Sarand, Pogradec, Prizren, Peja,Prishtin and more. Almost in all these cities you can eat traditional food and drinks the classic and most consumed dishes in Albania are, Flia, Kaqamak, Byrek, Baklava and many more. Albania has also many beautiful monuments like Skenderbeg  Statue,Leauge of Prizren, decorated Mosque, Arabati, Castle of Kruja, Rozafa Castle, Berat Castle, Preza Castle, Prizren Fortress and many more. Religious diversity is an added value of this side of western Balkan. Albania has unique religions population like Muslims, catholic and orthodox.  

I think that if people knew about these stuff, about these places, these wonders, about our historical past I am sure that they would’ve been surprised, amazed and maybe feel badly because the didn’t know about Albania earlier.




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Volume 8, No.11, November, 2019