With the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans, its military, political and administrative settlement specifically in Kosova (1455), among other things, began the spread of Islamic-ottoman religion and culture. In order to spread the new faith rapidly, the need for building new religious objects, mosques grew. Çarshi Mosque (1389-1461) and Fatih Mosque (1461) in Prishtina and Bajrakli Mosque (1461/72) in Peja, are representations of some of the first buildings of the Islamic religion in ottoman style with local elements in Kosova. These sacral buildings and mosques were imperial endowments. Furthermore, these mosques are the first single-spaced objects covered with dome in Kosova. Unfortunately, little or no significance has been given to this heritage and very few researchers have taken upon themselves studying ottoman heritage in Kosova. The purpose of this paper is to study, document, protect and promote this heritage, as a part of the cultural diversity of Kosova, which belongs to world heritage as well.

Keywords:  Ottoman, architecture, mosque, typology, decorations, Kosova.


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