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Martin Llazani, Blendi Heta, Alketa Qoku, Luljeta Dhaskali


Pyometra, the purulent inflammation of uterus, is a common disease of genital apparatus of the dog. Diagnosis and treatment of this pathology is object of a lot of studies. Diagnosis is based on history and anamnesis, clinical and lab findings, Ultrasonography and histopathology, as a “gold standard” of it. Thirty-five female dogs (mean 7.6± 1.33 years old) of cross and pure bred, affected by pyometra (open and closed cervix) were diagnosed by ultrasonography and 12 uteri were used for histopathological studies. Pyometra was found out in 57.44% of nulliparous controlled female dogs. Ultrasonographic evaluated shown an enlargement and thickened of horns of uteri, lumen content was homogenous to anechoic/echogenic. Histopathological changes are related to Endometrium and its changes like as enlargement of cystic glands and presence of the pus in lumen of uterus.  Ovariohysterectomy were realized in all female dogs. Three of them were euthanized some days after. The study aims to emphasize that ultrasonography and histopathology are the best techniques to diagnose pyometra because of some tests may not be definitive. Ovariohysterectomy is the appropriate, safest, the most effective and immediate medical intervention to save life’s animal.

Keywords: female dog, diagnosis, histopathology, ovariohysterectomy, ultra-zoography. 

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