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Every language on the planet has its unique set of grammatical, syntactic, phonological, and morphological rules. As a result, Albanian and English have theirs as well. In this study, we attempted to demonstrate distinctions in irregular inflectional morphemes, which, as you will see, differ significantly between these two languages in this morphological area. The construction of words in these two languages differs, as does the classification of morphemes. In English, morphemes are classified into two types: derivational morphemes and inflectional morphemes. The first is concerned with morphemes that can alter the meaning of newly formed words as well as their lexical category. In the Albanian language, morphemes are classified in a different method. They are divided into two categories: root morphemes and affix morphemes. The first set of morphemes in Albanian can stand alone, i.e., they are autonomous, whereas the second group of morphemes are added to the root of the word, generating the new one.

Keywords: morphemes, structure of words, irregularities, mood, conjugation, etc.  


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