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Milena Mileva Blažić


This article was created on the basis of the study of the life and work of the Slovene writer Alma Karlin (1889–1950), who spent a large part of her life abroad, during her trips around the world. She mainly published in German, during the period between World War I and World War II. Some of her works are open in the manner of crosswriting, including the analyzed fairy tale The Youngest Granddaughter of the Honorable I Chao which was originally published in 1948 in German and in 2016 in Slovene. With this fairy tale, the writer intertextually related to the model of the folk fairy tale, the European fairy tale, and the ATU514 and ATU884 international fairytale type. The detailed analysis and application of the theory of Slavo jŽižek, entitled From Antigone to Joan of Arc, confirms the hypothesis that Alma’s fairytale belongs to the literary tradition from Antigone to the present, that the fairy tale contains the features of subjectivization of a literary heroine, which is a universal element (fairytale type or motif), and Alma also added to the text the typical characteristics of Chinese culture.

Keywords: Alma Karlin, fairy tales, ATU 514, ATU 884, M. Lüthi, H. J. Uther, Slavoj Žižek.

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ATU - The abbreviation ATU is an international designation, or an acronym based on the surnames of the three folklorists (A. Aarne, S. Thompson, H. J. Uther) who published an internationally classified index of fairy tale types (Uther 2004, reprint 2011). (Accessed 25. 8.2018)

"And to this day, we sing of this brave woman who loved her family and served her county, asking for nothing in return." (Zang 1998:36).

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