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Teachers have spent a lot of time researching the best and most accurate ways to evaluate pupils since there are so many different ways to assess tasks and because doing so can have an impact on the students. According to Heydarnejad, Tagavipour, Patra, and Farid Khafaga (2022) only a few empirical studies have attempted to determine how performance-based assessment (PBA) can affect reading comprehension (RCA), academic motivation (AM), foreign language anxiety (FLA), and students’ self-efficacy despite the significant role that PBA plays in influencing second language learning processes (SS-E). 

Keywords: RCA, AM, FLA, PBA, SS-E, curriculum, morphology, teaching, assessment, etc.

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Heydarnejad, T., Tagavipour, F., Patra, I., & Farid Khafaga, A. (2022). The impacts of performance-based assessment on reading comprehension achievement, academic motivation, foreign language anxiety, and students’ self-efficacy. Language Testing in Asia, 12(1), 51.

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