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Shpend Ademi, Remzije Nuhiu


As far as the great variety of adjuncts is concerned, the factual situation in a language is not an easy task to explain. There are many syntactic units similar to typical adjuncts which again differ from typical ones by acting somewhat different in the sentence, having got somehow more complicated role, i.e., while the typical adjuncts function as a modifier of the verb, the specific ones can be related to the whole sentence. This study is focused toward these untypical adjuncts according to their grammatical and semantic function, by analyzing the differences and similarities that appear between English and Albanian language. The study is directed toward these untypical adjuncts and the way how it is explained in both languages. A discussion will be made by explaining the differences and commonalities that appear as far as the semantic properties are concerned. The main method used in this research paper is the comparative method because the reserch itself is in comparison between Albanian and English language, thus it is the best way to stress out the similarities as well as the differenses that might come out of this research. In order to describe the syntactical properties of English and Albanian language the descriptive method is also used that suits the aim. The survey method is of great help to analyse and clearify the material.

Keywords: Specific adjunct, semantic properties, realization, untypical adjunct, structure, etc.

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