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Kurambaeva Gulandam


The article talks about the role of literary communication and influence in the development of any literature or in the formation of a certain artist as a poet or writer. G.Gulom, J.Aymurzaev, Mirtemir, I.Yusupov, A.Otepbergenov’s worthy contribution to the development of Uzbek and Karakalpak literary relations is acknowledged. In the field of artistic translation, interaction and literary studies, the works of both literatures are analyzed, their uniqueness, poetic skill of writers in creating national color is revealed. The useful aspects of the articles written by academicians M. Koshjanov and B. Nazarov on Berdaq’s work for Uzbek and Karakalpak literary studies were highlighted. Berdaq, new translations from the poetry of Ajiniyaz, novels and short stories by T.Qaypbergenov, K.Karimov, U.Abdurakhmonov, M.Nizonov, Sh.Usnatdinov, B.Genjemuratov, S.Jumag’ulov, A.Abdiev, M.Jumanazarova in Uzbek language was published. The creative activity of a number of poets and writers who lived in Karakalpakstan and wrote in both Uzbek and Karakalpak languages was shown as an example. As the leader of the Zullisayn poets, the work of Gulistan Matyakubova, the national poet of Karakalpakstan, was analyzed. In the years of independence, suggestions and comments were made regarding the reasons behind the backwardness of translation studies and ways to overcome it. It was said that it is necessary to write fundamental studies and serious articles dedicated to the study of literary relations between Karakalpak and Uzbek, Uzbek and Karakalpak.

Keywords:  literature, image, translation, influence, tradition, creativity, poetry, ghazal, skill.

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