Determination of COD, BOD5 and Bacteriological Parameters of Water in the River Basin of Ereniku


  • Faton Maloku
  • Sulejman Sulce
  • Xhelal Kepuska
  • Luan Daija


Water quality throughout the Ereniku river basin is under the influence of various factors, mainly dominate pollutants from wastewater discharges from municipal and infiltration from agriculture, then industrial discharges where their activities create river basin water of Ereniku. In this paper I intend to provide data as to the condition of the water in the Erenik basin and give ecological assessment (physical, chemical and biological) of water quality of the river Ereniku. Assessment is done in four seasons and in 13 points. For this numerous analysis have been carried out, among them is determination of COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD5 (biological oxygen demand), as well as bacteriological parameters, as the most important parameters in determining the level of water pollution. Also from bacterial terms, total coliform bacteria were analyzed, fecal originating coliform bacteria and live mesofilic bacteria. Water samples were taken in polyethylene bottles of 500 ml, which are initially well cleaned and immediately analyzed in the chemical and bacteriological laboratory. Based on results it is clearly seen the pollution of this river and which needs a great care as well as treatment plant of wastewater from which comes major pollution.

Keywords: river, Erenik, parameters, bacteria, basin.




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Maloku, F., Sulce, S., Kepuska, X., & Daija, L. (2015). Determination of COD, BOD5 and Bacteriological Parameters of Water in the River Basin of Ereniku. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 3(9), 21–25. Retrieved from



Volume 3, No.9, September, 2014

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