Research of Several Wheat Varieties (Tritikum Aestivum L.) From Hungry, Croatia and Slovenia in Agro-Ecological Conditions of Kosova

Bakir Kelmendi, Violeta Berlajolli, Nexhdet Shala, Vlora Gashi, Defrime Berisha, Ismajl Cacaj


The object of study is investigation of suitability of certain cultivars of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) of Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. In research have been only 5 cultivars of wheat: Kolo, Marshall, Illyria, Super Zhitarka and Lara meanwhile as comparative cultivars was Europe 90. Investigations were conducted in two agro-climatic regions of Kosova (in Arbnesh the research farm of the Agricultural Institute of Kosova, Peja - Dukagjini Plain, and in Pestova - Kosova Plain, Research "Pestova" private property company, have been tested yield (kg / ha), weight (1000 seeds in gram), hectolitar weight (kg), protein content (%), humidity (%), gluten and sedimentation. Agro-climatic and pedological data in Kosova, compared with obtained yields in culture wheat shows no use of genetic potential of cultivars that are cultivated in. For this reason should be applied a contemporary agrotechnics to be used genetical potential, and reached higher yields. The obtained results indicat that have been significant statistical differences of diverse levels for investigated features of all cultivars included in plots compared with the standard (Europe 90) and between localities.
Keywords: small-scale trials, winter wheat, yield, 1000 seeds weight in gram, hectoliter weight kg, yield kg/ha.

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