The Biodiversity of Flora and Fauna in the Massif Mountain of Sharr

Nexhbedin Beadini, Sheqibe Beadini, Gazmend Iseni, Hesat Aliu, Xhezair Abdija, Leonora Qoku


The massif mountain of Sharr is considered as the greatest asset of the country and region, both in terms of natural
abundance, recreation, tourism and in terms of the cultivation of goods. Special attention should be paid to the protection and
preservation of the natural biodiversity as a natural asset that requires a serious approach to the preservation and protection of
the environment of this massif from the population that lives in these areas, country and the region in general. In terms of
recreation and tourism the massif mountain of Sharr was earlier known for the winter recreational sports, tourism and summer
recreation. Special attention should be given to the alpine places which are more attractive for hunting, grazing, water resources
and in particular it is the most attractive for its flora and fauna. Special attention should be given to the endemic highlights of
the flora and fauna and to the conservation aspect of this biotope. One must have an interest and passion to further invest in
capital projects for this massif mountain with the only aim to further increase the spotted recreational picturesque places of the
Sharr Mountain.
Keywords: mass, Mountain biodiversity, endemic, relict, flora, fauna etc.

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