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Improvement of Reproductive and Productive Performance of Indigenous Bovine Preliminary Note

Luigj Turmalaj, Stefano Degl’innocenti, Erlinda Lika, Bejo Bizhga


The authors of this study experimented the increase opportunity of reproductive and production skills, through the crucifixion of cultivated breeds in Albania with cultivated breed in Italy. Changing social system in Albania brought the overall need of transformation. Market wants more dairy products like milk and meat. For this is required prestigious cows breed and scientific management. The study was conducted in the Farm of Economy Didactic in Agricultural University of Tirana and the farmers who keep cows for family needs. In the first phase of the study were included 42 heads of cows breed cultivated in our country. 8 Holstein cows (19%) 4-5 years old, 12 Jersey cows, (29%) 3-6 years old and 22 crossbreed cows (52%) 3-10 years old. Cows were inseminated with Pezzata Rossa Friulana breed sperm, which is known for high milk production and meat. All cows in the experiment have undergone clinical examination (rectal and ultrasounds control) for assessing of the physiological status especially for the presence of yellow active body. Cows are treated with a dose of PGF2α, 20 mg / cow (Estrumate ®) I.M. injections. The artificial insemination is realized after the estrus manifestation (52 ± 4 hours after the treatment with Prostaglandin). In the farmers cows the pregnancy diagnosis of is realized through rectal control 45-55 days after artificial insemination. While for 8 cow Holstein breed (Didactic of Economics University) is used ultrasound method for diagnosis of pregnancy 30 days after IA (Aloka SSD 500 Micrus). According to the above controls results that from 42 inseminated cows 33 cows or (78.8%) were pregnant diagnosed (rectal + ultrasounds control) and 9 cows or (22.2%) have returned at regular intervals (20 ± 2.1 days) after the insemination. We estimate that the percentage of fertilization with the first insemination is high. For further results as, fertility, weight of the newborns and the addition of weight until to slaughter will be published in soon.

Keywords: artificial insemination, yellow body, estrus, Prostaglandine, ultrasound.

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