Diagnostification of Basis Cranii Anterior Meningiomas


  • Arjan Idrizaj


Meningiomas are brain tumors that develop from meninges. In 90% of cases are benign. Meningiomas commonly are found at the surface of the brain, either over the convexity or at the skull base. In rare cases, meningiomas occur in an intraventricular location. Meningiomas account for approximately 20% of all primary intracranial neoplasms. Meningiomas are multiple in 5-40% of cases, particularly when they associated with neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). Meningiomas afflict women more often than men. The female-to male ratio ranges from 1.4:1 to 2.8:1. Aim of study: To evaluate incidence of meningiomas of basis crani anterior (MBCA) during 2010-2013 at General Hospital "Rezonanca" in Prishtina, and to compare the importance of CT and MRI in early diagnosis of meningiomas. Materials and methods. In the study we included 34 cases with meningiomas diagnosed with CT or MRI imaging at General Hospital “Rezonanca” in Prishtina, during 2010-2013. Results. 14 cases (41.2%) were meningioma the bases crani anterior. The overall morbidity of meningiomas was 0.81/100.000 populations. Menigeomas was higher among female sex as the total number of meningiomas (67.6%, p = 0:04), as well as to the meningioma of basis crani anterior (71.4%, p = 0:11). The average age of women with meningeom has been lower compared to men, as the total number of meningiomas (54.2 + / -13.5 vs. 55.6 + / -9.4, p = 0.73), as well as the MBCA (40.7 + / vs. -6.8. 45 + / -3.6, p = 12:15). Conclusion. CT and MRI are valuable methods for diagnosing of meningiomas, therefore, considered as the gold standard in diagnostic procedures of these pathologies.

Keywords: Meningioma, CT, MRI, Prishtina.




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Volume 3, No.6, June, 2014