New Data on Taxonomy of the Rhopalocera of Sharr Mountain and its Surroundings (Mavrovo and Pollog Valley)


  • Xhezair Abdija
  • Nexhbedin Beadini
  • Sheqibe Beadini
  • Gazmend Iseni
  • Besnik Rexhepi


In this work project there are presented the final finds of a three year long work (March through October of years 2011, 2012, 2013) on “final taxonomic estimation of Rhopalocerofauna of Sharr Mountain and its surroundings,” a period coinciding with the adulthood of rhopalocera. Considering the vast gradient of altitude from the Pollog Valley (380 m), all the way to the highest peaks, at Sharr Mountain (2748 m) where almost all vegetative strips are represented. This voluminous study about this region was for its first time undertaken by us, and it was ignored by other local and foreign researchers, or they just did it casually. The study was concentrated at 5 stations at Pollog Valley, 11 at Sharr Mountain
and 2 stations at Mavrovo National Park. The collection of scientific material was conducted starting in early spring, until late fall, using aerial entomologic nets and was preserved until its lift up, in entomologic envelopes and mattresses, with indicators referring to the collection spot, date, biotope, name of collector and notes about vegetal coating. This study resulted in collecting a rich material of about 2000 exemplars, part of which was picked up, designated and prepared for the creation of the scientific stockpile, intended for the Biology Department of the State University of Tetova. Based on the overall fauna analysis so far, it results that this material has defined 152 species, belonging to 72 kinds and 6 families. Compared to the European rhopalocerofauna (482 species), (EU–441 species) known so far and the Macedonian one (201 species), that of Sharr Massif (152 species), it makes up 36% and 76% of them, respectively, thing that indicates the rich composition of the rhopalocerofauna species of this massif, compared to their respective area they occupy. Considering this evidence, we can state that the Sharr Mountain and its surroundings’ Rhopalocerofauna accounts for a very rich and diversified habitat considering the fauna aspect.

Key words: Rhopalocerofauna, species composition, distribution, Sharr Mountain, Mavrovo, Macedonia




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Abdija, X., Beadini, N., Beadini, S., Iseni, G., & Rexhepi, B. (2016). New Data on Taxonomy of the Rhopalocera of Sharr Mountain and its Surroundings (Mavrovo and Pollog Valley). ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 3. Retrieved from



Volume 3, Conference Proceedings, Special Issue, 2013

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