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Translation is a phenomenon that has a huge effect on everyday life. Moreover, translation is seen as a connecting bridge between the identities of two different languages and cultures, while in itself it is an essential means in the process of communication. Our aim for this study will be concentrated on interlingual translation, as well as translation features of Vedat Kokona on several dramas of Shakespeare, such as: Timon of Athens, Antony and Cleopatra, Twelfth Night, Midsummer Night's Dream, Two Gentlemen of Verona. Exchange of messages in translation from English into Albanian will be the central focus of this study, bearing in mind the importance and the indispensable role of this process. In this exchange of messages, we will focus more on the language features that the author, in this case translator Vedat Kokona has tried to preserve in order to maintain the meaning of the translated phrases and sentences partially or completely in the above mentioned dramas of Shakespeare. The theories of meaning, cultural transference, as well as some other communication theories are the theoretical foundation of this paper. We will also judge by giving the arguments whether the translator of these dramas is faced with the absence of linguistic and cultural identity material; whether he has managed to convey the right meaningful message through linguistic and cultural transformations faithfulness in his translations. This at once constitutes the very argument of this study. The meaning of the given translation doesn’t always need to be simply a sum of words, but most importantly needs to be an organic meaningful unity that one should express it in non-identical ways in different identities. We are also aware that during translation words and sentences may undergo transformations in form and structure but they need to preserve an unaltered message. Simply speaking, we will try to study how Kokona has tried to undress the message of the linguistic and cultural parameters of Shakespearean language and how he dressed it with the linguistic and cultural material code of the Albanian language.

Keywords: interlingual translation, linguistic and cultural transformations, English language, Albanian language, Shakespearean dramas, language features, exchange of messages in translation from English into Albanian, etc.




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