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Hyreme Gurra, Fatmire Isaku, Bjonda Xhumkar


This research paper is going to elaborate the elements of Modernism as one of the most distinguished and important period of Literature. The key elements of this Era will be highlighted threw James Joyce’s Portrait. Modernism surely made a new approach to English Literature with a completely new writing style, motifs, aspects, symbols, and access to scenes,using new elements that will encourage and influence future writers. In “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’’, is portrayed the innovative use of stream of consciousness, a technique throughout which is described the thought and the stream of consciousness since it vividly contains the elements of Modernism.The new style of writing that characterizes Modernist writers is highly impressing and contains innovative elements that were not used by authors from other periods in Literature. This style transcribes the inner world of the actors, rather than describing sexiness or the external outlook of the character. The novel “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” vividly contains a great amount of these elements, away from the traditional styles and methods.In this study are highlighted and analyzed the main elements of Modernism, used in almost every part of the novel.The research methods being used throughout this paper are: comparative method, narrative method, qualitative and quantitative method.

Keywords: Obsessed, Modernism, tradition, stream of consciousness, individual, techniques.

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