Epidemiology of Periodontal Diseases

Arjola Metushaj


Periodontium is a complex organ consisting of gingiva, periodontal ligament, cement, alveolar bone and neurovascular wisps. Alveolar process consists of three structures: the lamina dura, trabekulare bone, and compact bone. Lamina dura is covered by compact bone and serves for fixing the periodontal ligament fibers. Vascularization: it is provided with blood from alveolaris superior artery for the upper jaw and from alveolaris inferior artery for the lower jaw. Upper jaw: from the terminal branches of dental artery, posterior alveolar artery, and the infraorbital artery and that Palatine Major. Lower jaw: from the branches of the facial artery, a. mentalb.buccal, and c. sublingual.

Keywords: periodontal pocket, gingivar inflammation, bleeding on probing, etc.

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