The Impact of Climate Change on Water and its Resources


  • Imerlije Alili


This main goal of this paper is to show that climate change can impact water especially its quantity, variability, timing, form as well as the intensity of precipitation. Moreover, the paper gives an overview of physical effects of climate change on water as well as recommendations for mitigation of such consequences and negative effects. One of the climate change integral components is also the water and furthermore, it is seen as its primary instrument through which it exhibits certain impacts. Nowadays many regions of the world are facing the challenges of water that are continuing to raise, so it is very important to understand how climate change will affect future societies, because this process cannot be evaluated without understanding its impact on the most vital resource of our planet, thus water. The paper also tries to address that climate change can affect the water cycle directly and through it in an indirect way will also impact quantity and quality of water resources that available are available for human needs and demands, that will lead to floods and drought at the same time. When sea levels will raise they will imply a serious effect on coastal aquifers that is the main source of urban and regional water supply systems and one side and on the other side will cause higher water temperatures and changes in extremes that will cause water pollution. In this case, all these factors such as water supply reliability, health, agriculture, energy and aquatic ecosystems will be impacted by these changes of water. Water is an important factor for sustainable social and economic development that will not be underestimated, however, many countries are facing certain water challenges, caused by climate change. Climate change has important implications for water resources that are listed as following: increased evaporation rates, a higher proportion of precipitation, earlier and shorter runoff seasons, increased water temperatures as well as decreased water quality.

Keywords: climate change, water resources, water cycle, water demand, the economics of climate change.




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Volume 5, No 5, May, 2016