Poetry of the Year '50 -'60 in Search of Poetic New Trails


  • Alta Haluci Azizi


In our paper, we will focus on the artistic analysis of poetry as well as aesthetic ones of this period which includes the years '50 -'60! Poetry as a living message developer in these years becomes a carrier of our emphatic tone, open trends to direct engagement in social life! It is exactly this twist of poetry which breaks up the timbre of that time, passing by the symbolism as characteristic of the poetry into the spots and pores of real social life. This made the stage appearing to have steps of modern poetry. What is to be taken into account, in the development of Albanian poetry in the 60’s was that, if previously was held an affirmative and optimistic attitude, idealizing the idyllic to reality, this use already started to become more mature, more motivated, more realistic. Time after times in several poems trend appears a critical attitude.

Keywords: modernism, symbolism derivation, individual, conventional sentimentality.




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Volume 4, No.11, November 2015