Development Stages of Albanian Character Dance


  • Aledia Kondaj


The choreography and dancing progress in Albania are closely related to folk dance, as a very important part of Albanian folk culture. Folk dance diversity is reflected in stylistic richness, rhythmic, dynamic, structural and aesthetic creativity and original works. When the first ballet was created, great attention was given to the process of unification and harmonization of stylistic language to not only ethnic plastic dancing values, but to a substantial one as well, which brought innovation not only to the characters's language. They offered new aesthetics to Albanian dance, already the most studied, the most demanding and the most qualitative in aesthetic and artistic value. Capable and talented creators as Panajot Kanaçi and Agron Aliaj incorporated tastefully the Albanian traditional dance elements in expressive elements of national ballet, in language and style, in dancing and interpretation. Today, we conclude that it was a very important professional and artistic innovation, which opened a gateway to the next creators for an original and identification research despite the strict censorship during the communist regime time in Albania (1945-1990).

Keywords: movement, style, symbols, resource elements, aesthetic.




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