Socio-Economic Barriers, Cause for Expansion of Deviant Acts in Society - Case of Macedonia


  • Ardita Abduli
  • Sunaj Raimi


Problems of the economic crisis in society, respectively unemployment and poverty are the global approach as recently forwarded by stern debates between states and different Organization which elude in explanation of causes and consequences by this crisis acts. The most trouble of this problem refers to consequences because dissension of this phenomenon brings up to the deprivation of social norms and values that involve antisocial actions respectively perform of deviation in society. Even, researchers of this phenomenon unanimously ascertain: the humanity is in crossroads of the most gravely economic and social crisis in modern history (Centre of research on Globalization, 01.06.2014). In contexts of this study is Macedonia, state defeated of Yugoslavia which about 24 years of transition passed in a lot of social and economic turmoil. However, last years when this state attempt in UE framing not only has not resolved the problem of the economic crisis but has opened many of an others problem about corruption, smuggling with drugs, illegal transport and the most of the problems of alcohol, drugs, theft, criminality which greatly are added.

Keywords: Economics crisis, individuals, families, deviant acts, state institutions.




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Volume 4, No.4, April 2015