Socio Economic Environment and Investment Perspective in Kosova


  • Muhamet Aliu


The aim of this study is to address the socio-economic environment and the internal and external investment potential factors. Factors investor research is done based on statistical data, analysis, and empirical method. The socio-economic environment in Kosova justifies investment in industry, construction, agriculture, trade and tourism. Investments based on social and economic factor for the Kosova case are justified by the formula "Tailor". Investment performance and profit maximization based on the production or provision of services at low cost. Cultural, demographic, educational, religious, and ethnic state on the one hand and on the other hand the trend for consumption, the trend for increasing the propensity for Welfare, standardization of applications, products, and services, stable and fiscal banking system are favorable elements for investments in Kosova.

Keywords: socio-economic environment, domestic investment. 




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Volume 2, No.3, June, 2013