On the Toponymy of Çegran


  • Izmit Durmishi


The collection and study of the toponymic material for Çegran with the vicinity is important, if we take into account that toponymy is one of the disciplines that, for many reasons serves to indicate the traces and the social – historical road of the nation. There are fastened the big and small things, is interlaced the old with the new, by leading us to the paths of an interdisciplinary successful research. In this work we have tried in a resourceful way to give Çegran’s toponyms as primary words and the composed ones, as other parts of speech. In a special way is made the overview of the toponyms from the lexical point of view, where clearly are seen nouns of the mountains (oronyms), nouns that are linked with flow or stale waters (hydronyms), words that are linked with names of plants (fitonyms), toponyms that are linked with animal names (zoonyms), etc. During the research and study of the onomastic material of this region are noticed these elements: Illyrian, Albanian, Slavic, Turkish element, whereas dominating comes out anyway the Albanian element, as an evidence of the antiquity of the nation through the centuries and in these parts. Generally seen, the onomastic of Çegran with the vicinity proves convincingly for the autochthony of Albanians in these territories and for an Albanian – Illyrian continuation. The toponyms of this region from the semantic and etymological composition are clear, but there are also such the etymological meaning of which is not known because of their antiquity and their phonetic transformations that have undergone during the passage of years.

Keywords: toponyms, direct toponyms and toponyms with composed structure, Çegran, Gostivar, etc.




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Volume 2, No.2, April, 2013