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Technical and Scientific Terminology in Albanian Language in the Era of Globalization

Vilma Proko Jazexhiu


Globalization as a phenomenon in linguistics should neither be overestimated nor underestimated. One should take from it those positive traits which are also linked to the national specificities, especially regarding small countries’ languages, as is the case with the Albanian language. One of the major fields being affected by globalization in linguistics is terminology. In order to cope with the negative effect, it would be necessary to establish a data bank which would help identify the terms introduced so far, which in turn would lead to the compilation of a big scientific and technical terminology dictionary (Albanian into foreign languages) with encyclopaedic elements that would accelerate the standardization of technical and scientific terminology at a national and international level. It would resolve the problem of improper use and translation of technical terms in Albania and would avoid to a considerable degree the unnecessary borrowings into Albanian, especially those terms originating from the English language.

Keywords: foreign terms, technical and scientific terminology, Albanian language terminology, Globalization, international terms. 

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