Political Messages from Shakespeare’s Works


  • Drilon Saliu State University of Tetova


This study is structured in five main chapters with its relevant sub topics. Under this structure, I have tried to come up to a steady conclusion of Shakespeare’s famous works, Criticism on Shakespeare and influence of Shakespeare and his works in politics. At first chapter I presented Shakespeare’s works, his life and Shakespeare’s theatre and its role for the audience. In the second chapter I have tried to give more details about politics and power, and about Shakespeare represented history. The Shakespeare and Political messages of his works focuses on how Shakespeare’s works had an impact on politics. While we know much of Shakespeare’s life, we know little of his opinions. Many of his plays are political, to be sure. His feeling for politics was so strong that one political figure in Britain believed his plays must have been written by someone who had personal experience of politics.This was the wrong conclusion. A keen feeling for politics runs through Shakespeare’s plays because man is a political animal and Shakespeare’s understanding of men meant he understood The study is structured in order to tackle the diverse nature of strategy while developing and expanding on its most essential issues. The third Chapter is about the prose and verse in the Shakespeare’s plays and dramatic verse. In the fourth Chapter we see world of politics, censorship and Shakespeare’s works protecting women, restoration. In the fifth Chapter, we know more about Criticism on Shakespeare, romantic critics etc. The reason we know little of Shakespeare’s politics is that he was a master playwright. He does not lecture. His characters speak, and we can only guess which of them, if any, speak for him. But some themes recur; and some messages in the action of his plays are too powerful to miss. Such themes are most abundant in the four plays written at the height of Shakespeare’s powers politics, too.

Keywords: Queen, King, plays, writer, playwright, politics, prose, criticism, sonnet etc.




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Volume 6, No.9, September, 2017