Types of Words and Word-Formation Processes in English


  • Mevludin Ahmeti State University of Tetova. Department of English Language and Literature.


This study aims are to explain types of words and word-formation processes in English. The perspective of types of words is morphological perspective, as well as, for word-formation processes. Firstly, will be covered types of words then their word-formation processes. As a main aim of this study is to show how are words (affixes) classified according to their position in the word and according to their function in a phrase or sentence. The study shows the problem of research which is classification of types of words and their word formation-processes in English.   

Keywords: types of affixes words, errors, word formation processes, etc.




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Ahmeti, M. (2017). Types of Words and Word-Formation Processes in English. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 6(9), 54–75. Retrieved from https://anglisticum.org.mk/index.php/IJLLIS/article/view/1535



Volume 6, No.9, September, 2017