On the History of the Uzbek National Design of Textile Materials


  • Alieva Mehrinoz Researcher of Andijan State University. CityAndijan,


The historical names of the Uzbek national fabrics are studied in the basis of the linguistic facts that are encountered in the historical and artistic works which are created at various periods, in the article. The Republic of Uzbekistan has particular role with its cultural heritage, unique architectural monuments at the treasury of the world's culture.The history of material culture monuments is closely connected with the history of social and economical development, the history of national culture. Language is a part of national culture. The development of the language is associated with the development of national culture. These fabrics are mostly stripy and “abrband” ornaments, and this tradition has survived until now. In the article, the terms of designers are the product of creative works of two social and historical periods, that’s why giving the name them have old and modern designs, it is widely disseminated that they are at social period characteristic, including, more Istorismic words which come from the Persian, Tajik and Arabian languages, are used in the terms of ancient fabric design, neologism words which come from Russian language, are used in the terminology of modern fabric’s design. The terms of the Uzbek national fabric design belong to the textile design lexicon and it is expressed in this article that their formation have a long history; there is the influence of internal and external factors in the development of textile design lexicon; the national tradition and national character of the Uzbek people reflect in the textile design.In the article, the terms regarding to textile lexicon are taken from the books “Ancient Turkic Dictionary” and “Devonulugatitturk” of Mahmud Koshgariy.

Keywords: abrband, thick weaving, atlas, adras, ab, butar, ajj, beqasam,  volta, fashion.  


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