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Motivation and National Character of Foolishness in Uzbek Literature

Kayumov Abduvahob Abdurashidovich


The article focuses on the national character of the character and is examined by Nabi Jaloliddin's story "Oftobisli boy". The skill of creating an image of the character is analyzed through the actions of the characters, their outlook and speech. In the story, national heroic signs were preserved in heroes' physical movements and alterations. Characteristics of the Uzbek people have been preserved in the relation of images to events and objects. It is important that this issue is analyzed. The peculiarities of the character and the character of the author are also emphasized. In addition, the role of maternity in the formation of national characters has been studied. The point is that the details used in the story have a role in revealing the spirit of heroism, and that the details have a symbolic meaning. The author's achievement was that the epic tricks were enriched with national traditions and were analyzed by way of examples. In the story of the creator, the author paid attention to the nationality in the story. In the portraits of heroes, nationalist influences were effectively used. At the same time, the peculiarities of the spirit of the images are also presented in clear national images. The details of the fish used in the story are strikingly meaningful. This detail symbolizes the meaning of hope, the content of the dream. In general, all the factors that make the story figuratively perfect have been studied. NabiJaloliddin's writing skills were studied by theoretical and examples. The story has a positive effect on the spiritual world of the libraries and is characterized by the fact that they are telling about the characteristics of Uzbek national character.

Keywords: image, character, hero, national character, story, motivation, psycholinguistics, psycho-physiological character, emotion, spirit, speech, portrait, symbol.

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