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Emigration in the Area of Permet

Teuta Bajo


The political-social changes that took place in Albania in the early 90's of the last century brought development from many different areas in the life of Albanian society. The movement of people, goods and ideas, as an expression of the globalization process, affected the Albanian society in recent decades. In this paper, emigration is treated as a significant phenomenon in the rural parts of Albania. The time period for which the study was conducted extends from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day for the area of Permet. For residents of this area, "kurbeti", as emigration is known by the people, has been practiced as a solution to coping with life's difficulties and economic problems. This phenomenon is memorized in social memory through toponyms for countries where emigrants parted from their relatives as well as through folk songs. According to the ethnographic viewpoint, attention is focused on the impact immigration / kurbeti had on lifestyle, social life, clothing, differences between ethnographic provinces, as well as in some practices pursued for different periods of its development as a phenomenon inside and outside the country. Also from the collected data we will give a picture of the Albanian village that was affected by the migratory movement and as a result the movement of residents from their settlements.

Keywords: immigration, kurbet, region, influence.   

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