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The Interest of the Balkans Monarchies for the Annexation of the Territories of European Turkey - Resulted in the Establishment of the Balkan Alliance

Astrit Sahitaj


The Young Turks through the ottomanization process aimed at centralizing politics. This political change brought dissatisfaction with both Christian and Muslim people. Meanwhile, the Italian - Turkish War (October 1811 - October 1912) and the Albanian uprisings shook the foundations of the Ottoman Empire. The Balkan monarchies and Tsarist Russia tried to use the created situation. Russia had shown support for Slavic-Orthodox monarchies. In these important times, Russia had the key role to play in initiating the dialogue on the Alliance's creation between Balkan monarchies. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Albanians had been raised against the Ottoman Empire. In the 1911s the Albanian uprisings had brought great damage to Turkey. Precisely at the time when Albanians fought against the centuries-old enemy, Serbian politics against the Albanians were cunning and hypocritical. As Albanians fought against Turkish forces, Serbia made secret agreements with Bulgaria about creating a joint alliance aimed at annexing Albanian and Bulgarian lands. This alliance would later be joined by the Greeks and Montenegro. Russia intended to extend its authority to the Balkans. Against this stretch was Austria-Hungary and England. England was opposed to Russia's exit to the Mediterranean Sea, while Austria-Hungary was opposed, as Serbia and Montenegro stretching to Sandzak and Bulgaria in Macedonia would close its way to penetrate Thessaloniki. The interest of the Balkans monarchies for annexing the territories of European Turkey and the interest of Tsarist Russia for the extension of its authority there, resulted in the creation of the Balkans Alliance.  

Keywords: Balkan Monarchies, Ottoman Empire, annexation, Serbia, Bulgaria Austro-Hungary and Russia.

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