Karakalpak Folklore: The Epos “Alpamysh” and its Role in the Spiritual Life of People

Allambergenova Nodira Gulmurzaevna


This article deals with the stories of the Karakalpak folklore, in particular the heroic epos “Alpamysh” and its role in the spiritual world of Karakalpak people. It describes the history and the history of Dastan’s writing and writes the textual analysis of the written variants, each of which is uniquely identifiable. Also, it is about the artistic skills of poets. Karakalpak heroic epic “Alpamysh” has a special place in Karakalpak folklore. Doston events are distinguished by the brightness of the people's life. Every image, event, and image in it is a vivid expression of folk wisdom. Alpomysh, the heroine of Dastan, is recognized as the national hero of the Karakalpak people. Dastan expresses thoughts about friendship and friendliness in high spirits, as well as horse riding on the level of poetic image and toponyms and expression techniques used in epos. National and universal ideas in this epic poem show that the Karakalpak people play an important role in the spiritual life and that this poem can be uplifted to spiritual and moral values.

Keywords:  folklore, folklore studies, epos and its types, heroic epos, version, variant.    

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