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Association of National and Cultural Units in Uzbek Language

Durdana Lutfullayeva, Batir Tajibayev


In this article the associations of the alla lexeme with the national-cultural seme in Uzbek language were studied on the basis of associative experiment and analyzed linguistic. The understanding of the Turkic language about the alla lexeme, the linguistic memory, the reserve and the knowledge of the lexical units were clarified.This testifies on the existence of an associative-conceptual principle in lexical system of the Uzbek language. The observed standardization in the lexical association of native speakers of the Uzbek language has much in common with the processes of lexical association in other languages. This proves the existence of associative universals among speakers of different languages and about the similar structure of the world reflected in the presentation of speakers of these languages. In the associative lexical system of the Uzbek language, a special place is occupied by specific reactions that reflect different realities Uzbek life. This national specificity of association distinguishes one nation from another and is like a symbol of the national culture. There had been compiled the first ever dictionary of the Uzbek language associative norms. Typically Uzbek standards are normally reflecting national picture of the world existing in the consciousness of Uzbek language speakers and demonstrate the national spirit of the language and the people.

Keywords: association, associative dictionary, lingual consciousness, associative experience, associative area, associate, alla lexeme, national-cultural unite, national value.

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